That’s the message I woke up to this morning after opening my laptop. It wasn’t slightly full, it was very full. As in “I can’t write your 1kb .txt to disk” full, spinning beach balls between … every … single … click full. As in Timemachine failing to make copies.
It’s a 1 TB SSD, and my laptop is just over 6 years old. So this morning I spent 2 hours removing 6 years of crud from my HD. Now there’s 220 GB of free space again. Timemachine is now happily creating an all new copy of some 615 GB to my network drive.

I think I should be able to clean up a lot more, by moving it off my device. I do need to first figure out though where I have copies of that stuff first (as both my VPSs have deteriorated under my failing sysadminning), and see what needs to be done to get back to a 3-2-1 set-up (3 data copies, 2 local on different media, 1 off-site), or rather my 5-3-2 (3 local versions, 2 off-site versions) set-up from 2016.

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