Today Y had her very first day of school. Delayed by a month due to the pandemic measures, and not yet full time. She’ll be 3 days in daycare and 2 days in Group 1 at school, until mid July when the 6 weeks of summer holidays start. From September 1st she’ll be in Group 1 full time. But today was the “First Day of School” which has been a beacon of excitement for Y already for months. With the backpak, lunchbox and drinking cup she all selected herself, she was ready to go.

For years I watched Peter posting first day of the school year photos of Oliver. The first one in 2007 (obviously, Oliver is now an adult). That was a year before we met Oliver, while visiting PEI in the summer of 2008. Over the years I thought it was a great tradition, as ultimately it builds a unique time series. Now we have our very first photos of what might become a timeseries too.

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