Over 8 weeks at home behind us, some restrictions will ease as of tomorrow. Schools and daycare will open tomorrow, freeing up quite a lot of time for me and E with Y going to daycare again. Other restrictions may be eased on May 19th and June 1st, but the details may still change based on research outcome and new developments. The working from home rule remains unchanged, which is no surprise, and will likely continue until the end of year, or for as long as society needs to dance around the point of equilibrium until a treatment or a vaccin is available.

This week I had a hard time focussing and being productive.

  • Worked on the EU research project, sending out invitations for online focus sessions in 2 weeks
  • Wrote a one-pager for a client on the interplay between policy goals, public tasks, indicators and data collection and data management, requiring a much broader scope for what data governance should entail
  • Worked on an EU subsidy bid for a client
  • Had dental surgery, the first step towards a molar implant. Until last week it looked like it would have to be postponed, but dentists got the go-ahead to open back up just in time for my appointment. With a range of additional safety measures in place however. No waiting times though!
  • Thought back way more, and with way more emotions, than I had expected to the fireworks disaster of 20 years ago, about which I read my friend Danny’s book the week before this one. Maybe it’s the same as Danny who wrote his book precisely now as some of the pandemic circumstances look and feel similar. Wrote a (Dutch) blogpost which will get posted on the 13th around the time the blasts ripped through our city and our lives
  • Enjoyed being in the garden, sipping coffee, looking at the flowers, the water and the birds
  • Kept up my daily routine of creating day-logs
  • Participated in the first week of an online course in philosophy of technology by my alma mater