This is good news, the .org register will not be sold to a for-profit entity, putting a monopoly in their hands. A half year ago I wrote about the odd and also suspicious sale about to happen. It seems the California Attorney-General had some bearing on ICANN’s decision. What stands out is that there’s still not much clarity about why Internet Society thought this would be a good idea, or how to explain away the whiff of collusion (former ISOC board members were involved in the company aiming to buy the register). What also stands out is that ICANN took a mighty long time to respond to the issue, but days after a prosecutor adds their opinion comes to the conclusion to halt the sale. Either way, only if to reestablish some trust amongst .org domain holders, the ISOC board as well as PIR board have a lot of explaining to do at the very least, and need to step down after that explanation. The next boards coming in will need to change their statutes to ensure the .org registry is always run by a non-profit. Running a registry is a de-facto monopoly, how you can ever think it will be fine to leave that to an investment vehicle that on top of that finances the buy with debt, is beyond me.