We’ve now spent a month at home, and it felt like a more settled week. Although settled does mean no significant personal time for E nor me between work, our daughter and the household. I don’t see a real way of altering that until day care or school opens up again. Work wise it is busy, and ramping up rather than slowing down. Our PM expressed what I already concluded earlier: we’ll be in this situation for quite a while, and the summer won’t be a normal one. I expect to work throughout the summer, which is ok as it provides needed continuity for ourselves and our colleagues. On that front, we landed another new project this week.

This week I

  • Had promised myself to take Monday off, but it didn’t work out that way due to my own fault.
  • Had a conversation about how to create a password manager for people with low literacy skills, and whether a password manager is actually needed, or rather a different design for services that require logins.
  • Did a session on microsubsidies for energy poverty
  • Had a conversation on how to have better insight in how our exploratory work for a client is causally linked to their list of new projects
  • Had a MT meeting with my partners
  • Worked on the EU High Value Data project and had an extended team discussion adapting the methodology based on first batch of results
  • Had the weekly meeting with a client’s team
  • Discussed progress of our work on an open data publishing platform for a client
  • Did another batch of March invoicing
  • Worked in the garden quite a bit, and noticed the apple tree is finally starting to blossom
  • Added 150kg new sand to Y’s sandbox
  • Re-installed the irrigation system in the garden and on the roof terrace
  • Spent the weekend outside in the garden, having our Easter brunch/coffee moment with Y’s grandparents on video

Trees blossoming in front of the ‘smurf houses’ around the corner.

Y showing off her newly acquired cycling skills on camera for her grandparents

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