After building a first database structure for my Linqurator experiment, I want to import my Delicious bookmark archive into it. That will give me 3900 or so bookmarks in the database structure to play with. Delicious exported as an HTML file with data like url, title, tags, private status, and timestamp added as attributes of a DT statement, with any remarks in a separate DD tag. I now converted that HTML file into CSV. In itself trivial to do with a handful of search and replace actions using ; as separators (not commas as they are separators already between tags, and I need those later too). However there were linefeeds in some of the DD remarks. So I had to hunt those down and delete them, as they otherwise introduce additional lines in the CSV result. I also had to remove quotation marks. Now on to writing the script that adds the bookmarks into the database.

I noticed some of the bookmarks pointed to my own site. A quick search told me I bookmarked my own postings 65 times.