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Hard to believe that this time last month I wrote “just another month. … Covid-19 had no impact.” Then came the lockdown. I didn’t even mark the date, just got on with it. I was immediately surprised by how well Italians were taking it, with orderly lines outside the open shops and supermark...

Reading Jeremy’s monthly notes about March and the shift into Italian lock-down, I got intrigued by a mention of how his ‘7-minutes’ had increased. 7-minutes? No idea what he meant, but a quick search in his own blog surfaced the first mention of it in his September 2019 notes:

“Finally downloaded an app for the 7-minute workout thing. I’ve been looking at the regime for ages…”

Which led me to YT to find a video of what those 7 minutes entail, or the 7:50 as the vid I found left slightly longer pauses between exercises. This may come in handy as we finish up our third week of lock-down, of what will be at least 7 weeks in total (but I think likely 4 more until June 1st). Luckily ideas can still be easily transmitted from locked-down Rome to locked-down Amersfoort.

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