It seems the efforts against Covid19 are entering a new phase in the Netherlands. From isolation and suppression efforts to slowing down the spread of contagion. This as for an increasing number of patients it is unclear how they caught it, and the needed effort to do contact research for positive cases is becoming too much work to keep up. As a result measures have been announced that cover the entire country.

  • Gatherings of more than 100 people are now banned, and this includes not just events, but also clubs, sports facilities and e.g. musea. (Schools will remain open for now, but if this follows the Italian path that will change in a week at most)
  • Those that can should work from home.

For my company this means that all events we were to attend in the coming weeks are no longer taking place.
We’ve instructed our colleagues to take working from home as a default. Our work is well suited to remote working, and we’ll treat it as an opportunity to test our remote working tools also in working with clients (having switched to our own cloud environment early this year comes in handy here), as well as a good time to focus on finishing deliverables.

The announced measures are in place until the end of March, so for the next two and a half weeks.

Today during morning rush hour, as opposed to Monday and Tuesday, it was already noticeably less busy in public transport and on the streets of Utrecht. The government offices I visited today had ‘no hand shakes’ signs in every room.


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