When I visited TechFestival in Copenhagen last September I had a conversation with a Swedish NGO representative. She at the end of our conversation quickly pulled out her phone and by answering a handful questions captured she had met me as open data relevant stakeholder, how and why she thought it was of interest. This caught my eye as something useful for my company as well, especially now that we have more people out there bumping into different actors in our field.

I installed a LimeSurvey instance on one of my company’s domain names and created a very simple survey that asks for who did you meet, where/how that happened, the type of stakeholder it is, and why you think it is of interest, plus who is filling the questions out.

The survey, collecting 5 pieces of information.

At the back-end we will look at whether this captures useful info, and how to pipe it into activities. For instance who to follow on social media, or to add to a rss reader. Or who to connect to whom, or whom to approach.

I asked all colleagues to add the little survey as a button on their phone’s home screen, so that capturing is as easy as possible. Like in the white circle on the image below.

Not that we are out and about these days, as we’re as locked down at home as everyone in the Netherlands. However we’ll bump into stakeholders online too, and we’ll start there. In a few weeks we’ll evaluate how things worked or not, what to tweak and what to do as follow up (the mapping part of stakeholder mapping).

The bookmark as button on my phone’s home screen, in the white circle.