A pretty regular week but ending with travel, which always inserts itself as a hard deadline for some work, and thus some otherwise unneeded hurriedness.

This week I

  • Had a client meeting to work on the planning for the coming months in implementing an open data publishing platform
  • Did a strategic interview for our research into European high value data sets, as part of the new EU open data legislation implementation
  • Discussed ongoing actions with a colleague for our digital transformation work with a client
  • Had a session on ensuring that in IT procurement sufficient attention is being paid to data sovereignty
  • Worked on the first report for our European high value data sets study, to define the scope for our next steps forward. I’m leading two thematic areas, meteorological data and earth observation, and we need to define the scope to get to a manageable effort with a EU wide useful outcome. This was the bit that had a deadline.
  • Had a fun workshop with the Dutch National Archives, processing the results of the conversations they held with different stakeholders to learn more about how to increase the reach and service of the NA for their open data. It also yielded a few low hanging fruit such as adding the 400k openly licensed photos to the Creative Commons search engine
  • Discussed organising an unconference about civic tech later this spring
  • Decided to not do an unconference for my 50th birthday in May
  • Went to the dentist to check on how my jawbone is regrowing after having a molar pulled in December. Planned the next 7 months process to get an implant.
  • Drove to dear friends M and H in Switzerland on Friday, continuing on together on Saturday to St. Sorlin d’Arve in the French Alps, meeting up with a larger group of friends. We all go back about 3 decades to our university years
  • Spent a beautiful spring day in the melting snow with E and Y, while our friends went skiing

Our chalet in the French Alps the coming days.