Today was the first time I had to be really cross with our little one. With a friend she had used a set of color markers to not just draw on the board intended for it, but everywhere else in her room as well. The door, the walls, the floor, lightswitches, all the furniture such as her bed including the sheets, the lamps and her piggy bank, the Sonos speaker, the toys in her room, and the poster frames on her wall. The door and the wall can’t be cleaned and will need a new coat of paint at some point. The rest luckily could be wiped clean quickly.

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  1. @macgenie yes, likely all of us have done something like it as kids. I wasn’t really angry, although it was disappointing as she should know better. But had to give clear feedback to her of course. And in a while we’ll paint the walls and the door, and then all trace will have gone 😀

    • It’s hard not to! Disappointing was that just the day before this happened, she accidentally made a stripe on the wall next to her whiteboard with a marker. She tried to clean it up without us noticing, and I talked with her about how an accident can happen but she shouldn’t write on anything other than her whiteboard on purpose. Then 24 hours later we get this ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’ where no surface in her room was left unmarked.

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