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In other words, the essential question is: how do you build trusted communications on an untrusted network? The Internet's last 25 years have taught us a key piece of the solution: encrypt, encrypt, encrypt. Johnson, perhaps unintentionally, has just made the case for spreading strong, uncrackable encryption as widely as possible. To which we can only say: it's about time.

Wendy Grossman makes a good point. Encrypt, encrypt, encrypt as the way forward, while assuming all tech is ‘dirty’. It will nicely up the price too for dragnet surveillance, pushing the three letter outfits towards focusing on needles again, not ever larger haystacks.

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  1. @ton Wendy Grossman always writes good, thought-provoking articles that are well-stocked with references. Fun fact: I first heard of her back in the 1990s via the Compulink Information eXchange (Cix), a popular UK-based online service that was frequented by techies and journalists alike.

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