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When, in early 2013, Catherine suggested that we look into getting an autism assistance dog for Oliver, I thought it was an inane idea: she wanted to take our already chaotic family and inject another complicating element into it?! But I humored her, and agreed to hear the idea out and meet with a t...

I wish assistance dog Ethan a happy retirement. Thanks go to Ethan for being a big help to Oliver, for instance when they visited us in our home in 2014. Fond memories of Ethan from then, napping in our garden between the plants in the border, during the 2014 Make Stuff That Matters unconference. During that same week having him jump on my lap with all his weight, when he was off duty, and we were having dinner with Peter, Catherine and Oliver on a campground in Enschede (see below). And of course last June, when Ethan and I played fetch with a tennis ball in the Rukavina’s backyard.

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