A regular week in which I,

  • Had a conference call with our consortium/team to kick off the European High Value Data List research project. Also created some material for the inception meeting with the European Commission next week.
  • Had a session with a client on measurement and monitoring
  • Did a sprint review for our energy poverty project, which should be ready to go live in January
  • Discussed next steps during a day of meetings with a client after having completed a procurement process for a data publishing platform for them
  • Had an interview with a potential new colleague
  • Did the invoicing for November
  • Celebrated Sinterklaas with the little one and her nieces and nephew. The Saint brought her a ‘Elsa-dress’, which she had been pining for. Next to that treasure there was much more for her in the three full sacks the Saint and his helpers had left on the doorstep before banging on the door and windows.
  • Spent the next morning going through all the gifts with the 3yr old
  • Went for a beer with E, at Kafe van Zanten, which I think is a very pleasant pub. This while the little one was playing at a friend’s house a short walk away
  • Did some more pruning and gardening, as well a removing the irrigation stuff from the garden and roof terrace, so they won’t freeze during winter

Image by Christian Prade, license CC BY