The final full week of the year. I didn’t work (although not entirely). Most other people had time off as well, judging by the extremely low number of e-mails in the past few days. Still, I

  • Wrote my end-of-year Tadaa posting
  • Spent Christmas with E’s parents, to Y’s delight
  • Looked at next year’s plans, and Q1’s planning, efforts and goals
  • Cleared my desk, fulfilling the one good intention I hadn’t gotten around to at all this year 🙂
  • Sorted out things in the shed, and brought them to the recycling center
  • Packed our stuff for travel

Next week is 2020’s first. So below is the final number photo. One thing I learned is that it’s no use to go find the pictures for this weekly posting months in advance, as some of them will have been removed and 404 by the time you need them.

I have not come up with a new logic for selecting next year’s images with open licenses, but I still have a full week left for that 🙂

Fifty Two - Pritchatts Road, EdgbastonImage ‘fifty two’ by Elliott Brown, license CC BY

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