A somewhat hectic week, in which I

  • Had a conversation and did some action planning for shoring up alertness in procurement processes about open data issues with a client
  • Attended a session on how the preparations at provincial clients for a new public planning law that enters into force 2021 are coming along. This new law has a lot of impact on internal processes and especially digitisation and use of data
  • Facilitated an unconference as the final session of a Masterclass on Net Politics. It took place in the anatomical theatre of the 15th century Waag building where Rembrandt set his Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp
  • Spent an afternoon setting 2020, and Q1 goals, actions and planned results for our company with my colleagues
  • Hired a new colleague, who will start per January 1st.
  • Participated (remotely) in the inception meeting with the European Commission in Luxembourg for our new project on determining ‘high value data sets’ at national level, that will be mandatory to publish as open data EU-wide under the new EU PSI Directive, which needs to enter into law per July 2021
  • Did a session with a provincial client and a service provider to plan the implementation of an open data publishing platform, for which we guided the procurement process
  • Had a meeting at the municipality of Amersfoort, on data, citizen science and smart city efforts
  • Had a molar pulled (I busted it in June), in preparation for replacing it with an implant. This added painkillers to my diet for the rest of the week
  • Had an all-hands early Christmas dinner, together with the good people of Caselex and PresentU that make use of our Utrecht offices.
  • Did some work in preparation for a 6am conference call with a Malaysian client, that got postponed to the coming week
  • Participated in the first day of this year’s ThingsCon edition, at the invitation of Rob Van Kranenburg. Good to meet a number of old friends and contacts again. Such as Peter Bihr and Alexandra Deschamps Sonsino, and meeting new faces.
  • Picked up our ‘adopted’ Christmas tree, and set it up in the living room. To Y’s delight. ‘Adoption‘ here means that we get the same tree every year (with a root ball), this time for the 3rd time. Early january the tree is picked up from our home and planted again by a local planter. If the tree survives you can come pick it up again the next mid December.

Image by Matthias Ripp, license CC BY