A regular week in which I,

  • Worked on finishing a procurement procedure for a provincial client we are helping to roll out an open data publishing platform
  • Spent one and a half days with another province in discussions on micro subsidies, figuring out how to satisfy some data needs, and on-boarding a colleague, as well as discussion with a service provider to the province
  • Saw the contract signed for the EU High Value Data List research project that we won with Deloitte and other partners. This research needs to fill in a key element of the new EU regulation on government data re-use. That regulation needs to enter into force in 2021.
  • Had a management team meeting of my company outlining some key elements for next year
  • Visited a conference on transparant use of algorithms for public governance for a client
  • Joined a Decentralised Web Meet-up in Amsterdam to which I was alerted by Boris Mann during a recent conversation, whose business partner Brooklyn Zelenka presented their new business during the meetup. Obligatory selfies were taken.
  • As a result started playing with IPFS and Fission, resulting in having published a ‘hello world‘ style web page through IPFS
  • Spent a day with the little one Friday, enjoyed a lovely afternoon in the city Saturday with the 3 of us, and a surprise visit to grandma/granddad today.

We’re heading into December now, and it’s looking like a full last 3 working weeks of the year.

Bridge 48, by Tim Green, license CC BY