Delicious is now owned by the one man (Maciej Ceglowski) outfit,, NOT Pinterest.

If I remember/understand the history, Ceglowski (łowski) created his rival Pinboard bookmarking service when Delicious was first sold to Yahoo. That’s when I moved my Delicious bookmarks to Pinboard. Pinboard is great, and is very friendly to my bookmarks data. It is worth checking out, and I highly recommend it.

Then, more recently, when Yahoo was selling off/dumping/shutting down Delicious, Ceglowski was able to buy Delicious off them for (almost literally) peanuts. He then bought some servers to host the Delicious data, had a look at the code, decided it was a mess, and decided to keep it alive, but not to invest his time in fixing anything — Pinboard providing a superior experience that Delicious users could migrate to. Again, maybe I got this all wrong, it’s just what I remember from following his Ceglowski’s tweets and blog posts on the subject over the years.

Meanwhile, away from tech, Ceglowski was also very active in promoting progressive candidates in the last US Presidential/Congressional election. And for the past 6 months or so seems to be hanging out in Hong Kong, posting interesting information about the protests and protesters there (presumably while remotely maintaining the Pinboard platform and letting the Delicious site rot in his garage.

His non-Pinboard blog