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My site’s RSS feed both contains more postings than the site shows, as well as less postings than are on the site. E.g. I post my Week Notes unlisted, so they do not show up to casual website visitors, but they do get distributed through RSS. Vice versa I post things to my site, such as check-ins and messages that get syndicated to twitter, that do not get added to the RSS feeds. I am not at all sure how any of those categories do or do not show up in my microformats feed. It might even be that the h-feed only shows front page postings, which means most of my postings won’t be visible in it, as I only post a selection to the front page.

The discrepancy you encounter (“items missing text”) sounds like something different though. RSS feeds might contain only excerpts of posts, where the h-feed has all of a posting (unless the blog page with h-feed also only shows excerpts). My feed is a full-article feed, but I think the WordPress default might be excerpts only.

Turns out a lot of IndieWeb peeps’ RSS feeds are rather incomplete. Like, if I subscribe to their Microformats feed, everything is there, while RSS items are missing text. Should be an easy fix.

Jan Boddez

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  1. @ton Interestingly, it did not. (There’s two Webmention requests in the raw server logs around that time, and neither came from your site.) However, my gripe with certain feed entries is their `e-content` (mf2) or `description` (RSS), i.e. post body, is often missing “crucial” information (which _is_ typically present in the metadata, which some readers can’t access or parse).

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