A pretty regular week, finally.

This week I

  • Noted my blog reached its 17th anniversary, and reflected on my tech activism in the past year.
  • Did the corporate yearly tax administration for my 2 limited companies
  • Did the individual and personal company tax returns for both E and me
  • Answered questions from potential service providers, for a province where I am guiding a public tendering process for an open data publishing platform
  • Worked on energy poverty and open data, and on open data for nitrogen deposition issues
  • Wrote out last week’s talk at the Dutch CoderDojo Conference
  • Discussed 2020 plans with a client
  • Spent a day at a province working on their open data publishing processes/roles and data governance
  • Spent a day with the 3yr old at the local zoo
  • Was interviewed for the Micro.blog podcast which should get published tomorrow.
  • Heard a key research project in our field has been awarded to our bid consortium

photo by Carsten, license CC BY SA