Three months ago I counted the feeds in my feedreader. Repopulating my feedreader is something I started doing after getting back to blogging more intensively, and realising my old list of feeds had lost its purpose. As my list of feeds is also my blogroll, it’s an export of my feedreader, I thought to update that export, and count the number of feeds.

At last count (August 8th) it was 219 feeds.

folder # of feeds
A12 10
B50 18
C150 22
D500 19
E999 150

And these are the numbers for November 14th, three months since (disregarding the feeds I track from sources I publish in myself):

folder # of feeds change gender balance*
A12 11 +1 4 vs 6, or 40%
B50 21 +3 3 vs 16, or 16%
C150 29 +7 7 vs 22, or 24%
D500 27 +8 7 vs 19, or 37%
E999 205 +55 64 vs 140, or 31%

(* the sum of both numbers is sometimes not equal to the number of feeds, where I have multiple feeds per author. I’ve looked at people here, not feeds. Where I’m not certain who’s the author, I’ve assumed it’s a man.)

74 feeds added since early August. It reflects some additions due to IndieWebCamp Amsterdam that I organised in September, some serendipitous finds while browsing, and more actively looking at what other people I follow link to.

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