“What are you looking at?” asked the 3yr old (3 and a half, she would correct me).
“My website”, which I explained as a place where I write little stories.
“I want a website too”

So much like I did for myself for the first time in 1993, I opened up a textpad and we started writing. First she wanted to claim the page as her own, with saying her name and saying it is her site. Then she wanted to type something random, and adding the names of me and E, and uncle H. She typed all the letters of our names that I for the most part pointed out to her on the keyboard. As a last step she asked me to show the Elsa and Anna pictures (which I normally do with Google’s image search), so she could pick one for her page. After each step we loaded the file in the browser to look at it. And the final result living on my local webserver is:

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