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My employer has started blocking recently, breaking my ability to access my passwords and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) details using the browser extension. I can still get these details on my phone, but typing a completely random 22-character password by hand is far from ideal, and ...

I hear your concerns about the export issue. That certainly makes me think, as we are moving my company into 1pw accounts this month (I use a local version). Two elements stand out though: the actual silo you’re trying to escape is the company as it blocks 1pw. Two, it reinforces my dislike of subscription based software as a service, because it makes offline and local first impossible, and creates dependencies you cannot circumvent.

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  1. If only escaping the “company silo” was as low impact as ditching an internet platform or service
    [I should add that I genuinely do love my current employer; it’s just some of the security diktats from the far-away “Head Office” seem a bit nonsensical to us branch office workers]

    • I think what I am getting at is the self perception of a company as a silo / fortress, or as a node in a network / niche in an ecosystem. Such metaphors determine the company’s view on what tools are needed or allowed. It also colours its view on people. E.g. can you act as an artisan and with peers adopt the most fitting tools, or is it more like a cog in the machine where tools are predetermined for people. (originally posted at Chris’s site)

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