A week that thankfully was less busy than last week, so I had time to recover a bit.

This week I

  • Did a sprint review with a client for our energy poverty project
  • Worked on a business case and specifications of a data portal project for a province
  • Spent a morning with E recapping our current work, status etc, and initiate steps
  • Discussed new employment contracts, finances and acquisition planning for my company
  • Had a board confcall for Open Nederland
  • Worked on an information model linking regulations to information needs and resulting online form fields, taking into account data protection requirements, as well as ethical considerations about data gathering
  • Spent Friday with our daughter, as per usual. Visiting family at her request, and going for a nice dinner with the 3 of us to start the weekend
  • Suffered from a cold, with sore throat and head aches
  • Kept a remote eye on the proceedings of IndieWebCamp New York this weekend

Seeing the number 40 above, I realise that we’re in the final 12 weeks of the year now. The final quarter of the year just started, I find that the third quarter passed by for me without much in the way of planning. This is not unusual for Q3 as it contains the summer which is always a period of slowing down for me and my clients. It does mean some things get delayed, which you might regret somewhat at a later point. It also shows in that both E in recent weeks have felt the urge to plan more, do more. That too is a usual side-effect of having slowed down for a while, and the end of summer. Q4 promises to be busy, with 2 large projects in the Netherlands demanding all my time, some fun speaking engagements, and an increasingly likelihood of a 16 months project in Malaysia starting mid November.

40Photo by Jonas Bengtsson, license CC BY

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