@bradenslen I think that WebKit would be superficially similar (since Chromium forked from it), but a lot, if not all, of the “application layer” stuff (as opposed to the “web rendering and lower layers”) won’t be the same, since that’s the most visible place that Chrome differentiated itself. I also don’t know what the WebKit cross-platform situation is these days (there used to be people who built apps with it on Linux and Windows, but I haven’t kept up), so…. Firefox would be an entirely different thing (although I think they share some of the extension APIs with Chrome, but the big stuff of how you build a browser on top of the platform will be completely different). There are no good options for the other Chromium-based browsers.

As for Microsoft, they apparently love Linux now 😉 But it does seem like an odd choice.

The birth of LibreOffice (and the subsequent rotting of the original project) was very interesting to watch; that’s got to be one of history’s better forks.

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