An active week, leading to a very busy coming week.
This week I

  • Dealt with an ill child at the start of the week, working from home
  • Worked on open data projects for two provinces
  • Had an extensive conversation with Tanguy, who recently made himself an independent consultant on digital transformation.
  • Made a first draft of an information design, translating a subsidy regulation in a list of requirements for a request form for it, and a draft data structure
  • Had a session on-boarding a new team member in three open data projects (commercial zones, innovation subsidies for SME’s, and micro subsidies for energy poverty
  • Visited Unseen, a art photography fair and expo, together with E and Y, as well as E’s parents
  • Had our monthly all hands meeting with my company where I and my partners gave brief presentations on our personal take on open data and open government. This for a comparison and discussion with our colleagues
  • Outlined an upcoming presentation on open data in energy transition
  • Did some preparations for the IndieWebCamp in Amsterdam I am organising at the end of next week.
  • Celebrated my brother in law’s 50th, first with a cooking workshop at the Amsterdam Okura in which I learned to gut a North Sea squid (life lessons like “if you grab it behind the eyes, you have enough grip to pull out all its intestines”), second with the extended family over dinner the next day.

photo by Joao Vicente, license CC BY