Replied to What do I want this blog to be? by Rosie Le FaiveRosie Le Faive (
What it is: a place to hash out wokescolding......What I want it to be: Writing practice. A place to serialize thoughts that I want to share. Or, I dunno, a cat blog?

I’ve enjoyed your ‘wokescolding’ thus far, it has been a source of learning (including the neologism itself). Also you’re right, it’s a bit of a trap to trick yourself into needing to write only elaborate stuff that lives up to our inner critic and accompanying over strict measure of quality. Thinking out loud is my short hand for what I do here in my blog, and collecting digital bread crumbs. A sprinkling of cats is always ok. Cat blogging is a time honoured practice after all. Cats of course are also the ultimate masters of silent scolding by staring at you.