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You provide an interesting reflection on workflows Ton. Personally, I spend so much of my writing of late on my Nexus 6P. For longer posts, I still often start in Trello using Markdown, however for my collected posts I utilise the post editor. Although I have tinkered with Indigenous, I have become ...

Thank you Aaron, for providing some links to your own blogging work flow in response to mine. Thinking about specific needed parts of such a flow in general, and then a possible mobile version of it makes sense, without trying to come up with a perfect flow. Tools and technology choices change all the time, and perfection likely means stasis. One aspect from your description stands out to me, over time collecting links, remarks and individual on ‘cards’ until they accrue into a posting. Currently that isn’t part of my blogging flow, but very much of how I learn and think, so a gap to address. My current blogging flow supports more a style of primary and first order responses, reacting to incoming links, replies or short observations. Making my basic flow work on mobile in part is intended to be able to already have that out of the way so I can get around to more long form original stuff. Reading your links made me realise that my current information strategies badly support that latter style of blogging.

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