With this week the first half of 2019 is now behind us.
A pretty regular week. It already is noticeable that clients are preparing / gearing down for summer, from now until end of August things will be likely a bit slower.

This week I

  • Had a session on the ethical aspects involved in a project on energy poverty
  • Facilitated an unconference on open government on our office rooftop
  • Did a prototyping session for the energy poverty project
  • Worked out some notes of a session on commercial zones and on subsidies for SME’s
  • Did the final preparations for an unconference celebrating 15 years of a professorate
  • Facilitated that unconference
  • Spent a lovely day in Utrecht with E and the little one
  • Followed some of the proceedings at the IndieWebSummit in Portland online

(image by Amy Robertson, license CC-BY-ND)