A very busy week, in which I clocked almost 50 hours in 4 days. Luckily followed by 3 days of summery weather that I got to hang out with the little one (as E was working those days, we, except for today had an asynchronous week)

  • Did the preparations for a final discussion of a soon to start project in Malaysia with WB colleagues
  • Worked on an energy poverty open data project
  • Presented a pitch for that project, and processed the feedback on it
  • Prepared for two unconferences I am facilitating next week
  • Prepared and gave a session on the state open data in the Netherlands and current demands on the quality of data governance, for half a dozen provinces
  • Had an all-hands meeting with my company
  • As part of that did a session on information security, focused on username / password management
  • Created and gave a training session on the use of open data for integrity and anti-corruption

Animal number 25, by Amy Barney, license CC-BY