A jet-lagged week as it came at the end of travel.

  • Monday we spent enjoying Montréal before boarding for Amsterdam
  • Jetlag dominated the rest of the week
  • Had a conference call on hosted open date registries / portals and hosted open source solutions for government entities in general
  • Did preparatory work for facilitating an unconference to celebrate the 10th anniversary of a professorial chair
  • Did preparatory work for a new engagement in Malaysia, which 18 months after the first proposal seems to be coming to fruition finally
  • Worked on an open data project for a province, concerning industrial zones, innovation subsidies, circular economy, and energy poverty
  • Got offered an extended engagement more heavily focused on change management and digital transformation, which sounds very appealing
  • Blogged a lot, enabled by jet-lag apparently, and motivated by last week’s Crafting {:} a Life unconference. A range of drafts is still unpublished
  • Trying to find a good way of posting something here on the go, which likely involves less tech than letting go of what a posting is supposed to be to be called finished. Reading up on my list of permissions to self therefore.
  • Enjoyed a lazy unhurried Saturday with the family

image by Gilberto Taccari, license CC-BY