A week spent mostly at home (due to a national holiday on Thursday, and a nation wide public transport strike on Tuesday) in which:

  • I worked on my company’s admin and book keeping
  • We had our monthly all-hands meeting on Wednesday, where I did a first session on information security and operational security
  • I pitched myself for taking on a national project on responsible data use by (decentral) public institutions
  • Elmine and I prepared for Peter’s Crafting {:} a Life unconference next week
  • I worked on an open data project for a province
  • The little one turned 3 years old
  • Wrote a pitch for an energy poverty experiment using open data, as part of a design sprint that takes place next week
  • Went to a former dorm mate’s 50th birthday, with many dear friends present. It’s a luxury to just be and hang-out together, because you’ve known each other for 30 years, apart from catching up on the most recent context

22 by Edward and Caroline, license CC-BY-SA