Like you, I’ve had an itch to write up some guides and explainers around getting started with the indieweb. Mostly aimed at those I converse with in niche hobby communities. Lots of them have a blog of some sort already, but they rarely use them in favour of Twitter and/or Instagram. I’d love to help change that, and get more of them to post on their own domain. The sticking point I’ve had is how to pitch it at an appropriate level.
Maybe one solution is less about adding more documentation, and instead engaging in a process of inspiring an interest in how existing indieweb-enabled sites work, then giving 1-to-1 coaching to get them setup and teach the principles? It’s a slower process, but it’s less reliant on people being able to find and follow technical guides. As the number of “converts” grows and learns more, they are in a position to do the same for others. Maybe it’s a pie in the sky idea, but it’s one I think I’m going to explore a bit.