I guess the novelty will wear off after a year, but for now my ‘on this day’ widget keeps surfacing small fun finds in my blog archive. Fifteen years ago today I installed our first wifi at home. Twelve years ago today I hurt myself playing Wii-Tennis.

Looking back at my own archives day by day also helps repair some of the images I lost when migrating to a new server 6 years ago. Somehow after the migration I mislaid an image folder, chances are (along with my bitcoin wallet) it is still on the old laptop I stopped using around the same time. The web archive has stored most of the images as well however, so whenever I come across a ‘broken’ post and I still find it interesting, I go and get the images and upload them to the correct path on my web server. I just noticed that restoring the original image folder is still patiently in my Todo app after 6 years! I’ll mark it completed now 😀 .