A week somewhat dominated by busting a tooth, which can’t be repaired and probable needs an implant as replacement. Next to dentist visits, I

  • Worked on a project proposal
  • Attended a session for an open data strategy for a province
  • Sent invoices, did some bookkeeping
  • Got myself some reading glasses
  • Provided detailed feedback on a procurement plan for a province, to ensure that anything data related is arranged in ways that ensure re-use is allowed, and rights remain with the province
  • Spent a fun day with the little one in the city
  • Spent a great day with E and the little one celebrating my 49th, which included the little one’s first train ride, and a visit to the Miffy museum
  • Made some final preparations for next week’s IndieWebCamp Utrecht

photo Karin Sakrowski CC BY ND