Björn Wijers demoing, with Dylan, Neil and Julia in the photo looking on

Most of yesterday’s participants returned today to get under the hood of their websites and build something. I didn’t attend in person, but participated remotely in the opening session this morning, and the demo’s this afternoon. The demo session has just concluded and some cool things were created, or at least started. Here are a few:

Frank Meeuwsen worked on an OPML importer for Aperture, a microsub server. This way it is possible to import the feeds from your existing RSS reader into your microsub server. Very useful to aid migrating to a new way of reading online content.

Jeremy Cherfas worked on displaying his gps tracks on his site, using Compass

Rosemary Orchard, extending on that, created the option of sharing her geo location on her site for a specified number of minutes.

Neil Mather installed a separate WordPress install to experiment with ActivityPub, and succeeded in sending messages from WordPress to Mastodon, and receive back replies.

Björn Wijers wrote a tool that grabs book descriptions from GoodReads for him to post to his blog when he finishes a book.

Martijn van der Ven picked up on Djoerd Hiemstra’s session yesterday on federated search, and created a search tool that searches within the weblogs of IndieWeb community members.

That concludes the first IndieWebCamp in Utrecht, with a shout-out to all who contributed.

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  1. Yesterday I realised once again the importance of watching how others work with their tools. During the demo’s of what people worked on during IndieWebCamp Utrecht I was watching remotely as Frank demoed his OPML importer for Microsub servers. At some point he started sending messages to his Microsub server’s API, and launched Postman for it. It was the first takeaway from his demo. I decided to look Postman up, install it, and resolved to blog about the importance about sharing your set-up and showing people your workflows.
    Then Peter independently, from a different cause, beat me to it with “You do it like that?”.
    So consider this reinforcement of that message!

  2. Na een evenement is het altijd leuk om nog even na te genieten, terug te lezen wat er is gebeurd en wat je mogelijk zelf hebt gemist. Daarom ben ik zo blij met de drie blogposts van Ton. Als mede-organisator van IndieWebCamp Utrecht moest hij helaas om privé omstandigheden al na de eerste ochtend afhaken. Maar dat heeft hem niet weerhouden om uitgebreid te schrijven over de introducties van alle aanwezigen, zijn eigen plannen voor de hackday op dag 2 en hoe hij op afstand de demo’s van de hackday heeft ervaren.
    We zullen een deze dagen de video’s beschikbaar stellen via de wiki. Als er meer posts komen zal ik die zo snel mogelijk hier toevoegen.
    Nu is het wachten op de volgende IndieWebCamp in Nederland. Waar en wanneer zal deze plaatsvinden?

    Doorgeplaatst op:

  3. Over the past year I’ve repeatedly tested things, using this blog as a test bed or sand box. That’s not ideal. Sometimes things break, when I’ve tinkered with a plugin to the point of causing the entire site to not load. Now that I intend to try out a few other things, that e.g. are theme related, and rummaging around under the hood of some plugins, I find I need a sand box. When I saw Neil at IndieWebCamp Utrecht use a test WP instance, I realised I needed to do that too, launch a test instance.
    Or rather two. So I can let them talk to each other. And can compare different set-ups.
    Thus came into being Proto and Meso, both residing on a subdomain.
    If you want to test things IndieWeb related, feel free to use some of my postings on these test sites as a target for WebMentions.Neil, Rosemary and Frank all have test instances too, so we now have a small network of test sites to bounce Webmention and AP messages around in.
    Want to be part of the IndieTestWeb sand box network? You can, simply ping me with the URL where it resides, and I’ll provide you a list of existing sand boxes others maintain.

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