One for the weekly hacks. I use 33mail since 2014 to create on the fly e-mail addresses. That’s very useful, as I use a different address for each webshop, list etc. If one of them sells my info or sees it stolen, and I start receiving spam, I know where it originates from.

33mail is attached to a domain I have. The way 33mail works is it forwards everything to a single e-mail address, and each mail has a code so I can hit reply and send as if from each of those addresses as well. That single mail address is then set-up to forward to my main inbox. Here’s my 2014 description of my 33mail set-up.

In the past few days I noticed I didn’t receive anything from 33mail, in particular when I tried to sign into I didn’t receive the login-link.

The 33mail dashboard showed no issues. Turns out the forwarding from my 33mail single mail address to my main inbox somehow fails. I’ve now set it up as a regular IMAP mailbox, so I can access it directly. Also nicely clears up my main inbox.