The week started with a day off, on Easter Monday. Our friend Juliane Röll stayed with us for most of the week. Also I,

  • Met up with a former FabLab board colleague to catch up and discuss agency, enabling impact and the type of projects, clients etc. to go with that
  • Hung out with a dear friend for drinks and conversation, since we now live much closer to each other
  • Discussed communications actions for my company with our new colleague Bart
  • Hosted the general assembly of the Open Nederland association, the Dutch Creative Commons chapter in our new The Green Land offices
  • Prepared and did a day of workshops aimed at stakeholder mapping for a client around two specific tasks
  • Spent a day in Amersfoort’s inner city, as it was our national holiday King’s Day with the royal family visiting Amersfoort.

17, photo by Topher76, CC-BY-SA