16 (photo by Matthieu Sévère, license CC-BY)

A regular week with increasingly nice weather in which I

  • Had a meeting with the National Archive’s open data team
  • Discussed potential training products/services with our new employee Sara
  • Worked on our open data project for a province
  • Discussed organising an unconference to celebrate the 10th anniversary of a professorship
  • Had our monthly ‘all hands’ meeting with my company (we’re currently 8 people), followed by drinks and dinner together
  • Did first quarter book keeping for the VAT returns
  • Wrote some contributions for the 2018 year report for a province
  • Spent a beautiful sunny day with the little one, exploring our part of town with her in the lead, eating fish, and ice cream with her, playing on the slides and swings
  • Spent the Easter weekend outside in the sun, with our own and my sister’s family.
  • Started work to get my e-book collection organised (and duplicated to my local Calibre library, realising how badly Amazon’s Kindle and website interface are designed
  • Sent out the first invites to the IndieWebCamp Utrecht, for 18/19 May.