Things I did this week:

  • Attended the Open Belgium conference in Brussels on Monday and gave a presentation about measuring impact. Attended with my colleague Jochem, who presented about our work in Flevoland province.
  • Adapted a proposal for the next phase of my work in Malaysia. Signed a new contract with the World Bank for it.
  • Had a fun dinner with the innovation team of a Dutch bank and a handful of other people to exchange ideas and inspire each other. It took place at InStock a restaurant that only uses food thrown out unsold by super markets, and which has a different menu each day because of it.
  • Taking care of some logistics involved in having a close relative in hospital to visit etc.
  • Worked two days for a province
  • Had a conversation with someone at the Ministry of Economy whom I hand’t spoken to in a very long time. Good to catch up.
  • Had a board meeting with Open Nederland, the Dutch Creative Commons
  • Visited and inspected a potential office space for our company. With my partners (and a spreadsheet) decided to do it.
  • Went to see several primary schools in the area, in prep for deciding on a school for the little one