Having spent the weekend after Christmas in Freiburg, in southern Germany, we drove to Lake Zug in Switzerland on Monday. There we celebrated New Year’s Eve with dear friends. We stayed with P and B. P, like H and R who were also there for NYE as they also live in Switzerland, is an old room mate. This new year we’ll have known each other for 30 years. We stayed for a few days, with our little one enjoying jamming on P’s digital drums, and Elmine going to Milano in Italy for a day together with B and M. We drove back on Thursday, and spent the weekend at home.

The coming week is the first working week again. This week I did a few small things:

  • Made the Q1 planning
  • Did some preparatory work for doing the 2018 accounts
  • Made a mind map for January as a braindump of everything that needs attention and to specify what might hold me back
  • Worked on my first ‘weekly hack‘. I plan to do something small every week this quarter
  • Bought several books, after asking my twitter network for tips, on digital distribution. I have a personal perspective on digital transformation, but not much insight into how others see it. What does stand out to me is that many organisations claiming to be at its forefront to me seem rather lackluster in embracing the consequences of digitisation, and the results seem rather dull. To my mind mostly because the focus is on digital only, not first or even only also on networked structures and processes and how that mirrors human behaviour.

After days of clouds, we only got to enjoy the full view and some snow the morning we left Switzerland