Good conversation with Robert and Lilia (company, Lilia’s blog) today over lunch in Enschede. Explored shared challenges concerning doing business, also as a couple, seeing the household as an economically active unit, finding your way back into a field, or extending into new fields and more. It was good to catch up, and take the time to do so. Definitely need to continue that soon for several directions the conversation took us in today. Also Enschede hasn’t changed much since we left, and the problems with trains being delayed and cancelled proved part of the reason we moved still stands :).

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  1. One of the things I kept thinking after our conversation is about helping someone less experienced in some sense to grow from a partner position, without overpowering and bringing your own issues at stake into their growth. Taking the unschooling route to education and the values behind that make those issues very central to our lives. And I don’t have easy answers here except of conscious attention to the issue and thinking of some structures in place to ensure that the differences do not lead to hierarchy.

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