My condolences Jeremy. I know how it feels to see your feed reader come to live, it happened for me around the same time as you mention, at a different event. It brought lasting friendships like you describe your friendship with Cindy. One of those friends jokingly calls us all her ‘imaginary friends’, but there’s nothing imaginary in the life events we share, and the emotions those carry. As your evocative post about your friend Cindy shows. So, my condolences, from my RSS reader to yours.

Replied to Cindy Li (

2005 feels like a pivotal year in my memory…went to South by Southwest for the first time. That was amazing. Not because of the event itself, but because of the people. I met, hung out with, and formed firm friendships with people whose blogs I had been reading for years—it really was like my RSS reader had come to life. It’s also where I met Cindy for the first time.