A busy week, focusing mostly on one project.

  • Spent most of the week on an assignment for a Dutch province improving their data governance for geo-data, and preparing a ‘spring cleaning’ of their older data sets starting next week
  • Made some small final alterations to the chapter on measuring open data impact in Serbia, for the UNDP. I intend to rework the chapter into something that can be published / used in other places as well. Will blog it as follow up to my posting on what makes measuring open data impact hard.
  • For another Dutch province participated in an event that brought together data specialists and domain specialists on energy transition and nitrogen-oxide pollution, to work out what type of data could be mobilised to help with which policy questions
  • Prepared the main activity for next week, which is specifying the networked agency method and the impact through connection process in more detail for different use cases and groups
  • Got elected to the board of an NGO, to be announced soon
  • Prepared for the board meeting of Open Nederland, the Dutch Creative Commons chapter, next week.