A regular week. Unhurried, apart from having to really run for two trains. (It’s fall holiday week for most schools, and that means railroad works are planned as the number of commuters drops, wreaking havoc on the usual train schedules.)

Things I worked on:

  • Worked a few days on a report to plan for extension of available open data for a province.
  • Discussed that report with the client to decide how to put my findings into the decision making stream
  • Some 3rd quarter bookkeeping and monthly salaries processing
  • Presented to a province’s procurement team about ensuring data sovereignty in procurement processes, resulting in forming a team to work this out in more detail. Will blog that presentation.
  • A conference call with World Bank colleagues on broadening the ODRA method into a more general data economy readiness assessment, for a potential project in Uzbekistan in a month
  • Started mapping out my current information processes and tools, and mapping out my web presences and their roles, all kickstarted by the ideas and questions IndieWeb Camp raised in me, and the notions and learnings I picked up there last weekend.
  • Trying to get Quill running locally. Quill is a micropublishing client, and I want to test it to post to a local and my regular WordPress installation