This looks as the first potential replacement for Evernote I’ve come across. It is called Standard Notes, and comes open source and with full encryption. It allows for the server to be self-hosted to sync stuff across devices (stand alone everything is stored locally), and use your self-hosted cloud as the place for storage of attachments. They sell subscriptions to extended functionality, but those extensions you can also self-host. I’d have to take a closer look at how I might replace some of the key Evernote functionality with it, or arrange some of my additional wishes. See my earlier list on what I’m looking for. At first glance it looks like a thing worth testing. How about you Peter?

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  1. Your pointing at that earlier blog post about my plans ( reminded me that I proposed that, and then almost immediately reverted to using Evernote.

    So I’ve recommitted to a variation of the plan I laid out there, with a little more automation: I’ve written a PHP script that uses pdftotext ( to convert PDF bills into text files, which I can then determine the type using regular expressions to search for things like known account numbers, and determine the bill date and date due of in the same way.

    I then automatically copy the PDF files to a Nextcloud-synced folder, with the filenames normalized to Company-YYYY-MM-DD.pdf, and I create a Reminder, using AppleScript, which also syncs to my Nextcloud Tasks app (I discovered that although the Mac Reminders app doesn’t support file attachments, if you point to a file:/// URL in the body of a Reminder, the app will auto-convert this into a clickable link to show you the file in the Finder).

    We’ll see how this works.

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