It seems my current mobile data setup will become more costly when it’s time to renew the contract in a few months. I have a 20GB/unlimited calls subscription with a second sim that shares the data bundle with my mifi router. (That way I can use data on the move, depleting my mifi router’s battery, and keeping the phone battery available for phone based activity only) Total cost is 35 Euro excluding VAT. I can get a new 8GB subscription for 20 Euro, and an unlimited data/call plan for 30 Euro excluding VAT. That sounds better, but isn’t. The rub is that they no longer are willing to provide an additional sim for the mifi router, other than for an additional 25 Euro per month. Which is basically another data subscription. The reason they provide for it is that people take out an unlimited subscription and then share it between two heavily used devices. My question how that is a rationalisation for charging also when there is a limited data plan (like the 8GB plan) was met with a shrug. In the coming time I need to do some thinking about how to arrange the best plan for my data usage.

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