struinen in de tuinen

Next Sunday the yearly ‘garden jaunts’ event takes place in Amersfoort. Over 100 households open their garden to the public, and in each garden there will be performances of a local artist, musician, band or author. A paper was provided door to door with an overview, allowing everyone to plan a route. For every part of town the open garden and the programmed artists are listed. We’ll likely go to see a band play in a garden just down our street. A fun way to explore the city and meet more of our neighbours.

struinen in de tuinen
Routes in every part of town.
struinen in de tuinen
The route in our area, Vathorst

One reaction on “Garden Jaunts

  1. Today 100 households in Amersfoort turn their gardens into a stage for in total 300 performances. Two blocks down our road a few neighbours opened up their garden too. Turns out they were both actually part of the band programmed to play there. They played in their own garden
    struinen in de tuinen
    Great weather, good opportunity to meet some neighbours for the first time.
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