Yesterday we spent a great day with Y’s grandma and grandpa at Wildlands in Emmen. Wildlands is the completely rebuilt zoo of Emmen, near where E’s parents live. In a much bigger space they have created a nautical/polar, a savannah/safari and a jungle/tropics route, mimicking full ecosystems with huge attention to detail. The jungle section has a hall of 18,000 m2 (190,000 sq ft), the largest in any zoo in the world, and the largest greenhouse in Europe, where a myriad of plants grow, butterflies, birds, and monkeys roam freely, and elephants graze. Y was very happy to see her grandparents and she walked by herself most of the day, the weather was great and there weren’t too many people in the park. It was a very relaxed day off, ending with a bbq in E’s parents’ garden.