Good kitchen-table dinner and conversations about ‘the internet, now’ with 9 people from various backgrounds tonight. Organised by Ewout, whom I met a very long time ago in Brainstorms, the online community Howard Rheingold runs. During dinner a fitting trackback came in from Peter, musing about much the same things we were discussing. One useful phrase I took away was the distinction between us as an individual, l’individu, the undivided, and the dividual, le dividu, where facets of us are represented and treated as the whole. And when that is an acceptable trade-off. Good to meet you there Frank!

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  1. I sat across the aisle from Howard Rheingold at a conference on community networking at Apple in Cupertino in 1994. I knew of him from the Whole Earth Review, and was daunted enough that I didn’t introduce myself. A decade later I got a chance, at Reboot, to pluck up my courage and right that; we had a delightful chat.

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